The Site View Security system is a standalone solar powered unit requiring no mains power to operate. It has viewing capabilities of 80 degrees and will capture vision up to 30 meters during the day and up to 15 meters at night.

Operates on the 3G/4G network capturing clear HD video with infrared night vision capabilities. Site View Security system also incorporates two audible sirens & strobe lights.

Other features of the Site View Security System includes:

  • Instant live viewing of your site 24 hours a day 7 days a week via our Site View App. on any Android or IOS smart phone or tablet device.

  • The capability to send automated scheduled emails, daily, weekly or monthly with high definition images to nominated staff and or clients.

  • Alarm monitoring with the option for Police and/or Security patrol response to site.

  • Fully Supported by the Victorian Police – priority 2 Police response.

  • High quality PIR sensors which have been trailed and tested to minimise false activations.

  • Night vision capabilities.