The reasons why businesses choose to hire rather than buy a security camera system include:

  • Sourcing of products: Locating and purchasing the right camera, solar panels, regulators is time consuming and costly.

  • Manufacturing and installing: Most people underestimate the cost, time and expertise required to correctly manufacture and install a high quality system.

  • Connectivity: It is important to choose the best network provider based on the location and to ensure that the network provider’s sim cards and network spectrum are compatible with the equipment and software.

  • Data Storage: Choosing the right partner that has the expertise to securely store camera data is an important aspect of a security system.

  • Monitoring: It is critical to choose the right monitoring company and entering into an appropriate legal arrangement to ensure your site is monitored 24/7 and that they have the ability to take the appropriate action to ensure your site is safe.

  • Footage Downloads: To view past footage when investigating an incident can literally take hours and hours.  Site View locates incident and activation footage as part of the service.

  • Maintenance: Any high quality security system requires ongoing maintenance that should be carried out by experts to ensure it operates efficiently.

  • Upgrades: Modern camera systems require regular software and firmware upgrades to operate at maximum efficiency.

Site View looks after all of the above saving business time and money and ensuring your assets are protected.