Site View Security Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian Company that manufactures and installs a unique solar powered surveillance live viewing camera system.

The system was developed specifically by Site View’s Director who has had more than 30 years’ experience in the building and construction industry.

After many years of being frustrated with inefficient security systems that had not only had numerous false activations, poor image quality & lack of good quality footage, in addition paying for activations that posed no threat to sites…….. He had enough.

His frustration turned into passion and developed a formidable system specifically designed for the building, construction and the land development industry.

Site View is currently licensed in Victoria and Queensland.

Site View utilises modern technology to deliver a high quality product to its clients and is proud of the strong customer management processes it has implemented since its inception.

The Site View team comprises of experienced, passionate and knowledgeable professionals that are client and outcome focussed.